Dating Websites vs Traditional Published Magazine Adverts

Do Relationships Formed from Dating Websites Last?

Gone are the days when couples would see each other at some random place, fall in love and then take their relationship forward. We are living in the in the digital age right now with websites such as mytopmatchmaker; and here, meeting someone and then falling in love seems like a distant dream. Smartphones have transformed several aspects of our society including our approach and perspective towards romantic relationships. But is this good or bad? Can typing frantically on our mobile phones ever replace the feeling of physically meeting someone and then falling in love?

Why do people prefer dating online?

According to 77% individuals around the world, meeting someone from dating websites seems to be “very important”. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center further asserts this fact, as 3 out of 5 participants felt that it was extremely common and natural to meet someone and hook up with them online. While 35% of the married couples in the US admitted to have met their significant others online, one out of four couples in the UK have the same story to share. The scenario is more or less the same at almost everywhere across the globe.
But why do people prefer dating online when they can “actually” meet their romantic partners in person? Part of this can be attributed to the growing digitalization, where almost everyone we meet on MyTop Matchmaker, have access to a Smartphone. As we spend a significant chunk of our time online, we find it particularly convenient to meet our romantic partners here. It cuts down on the awkwardness of meeting in person and striking a conversation. Moreover, with so many online dating apps, finding someone online seems to be way simpler than physically looking for a person according to our tastes and individual quirks.

Do online relationships really last?

Now that we understand why exactly online relationships are popular; therein comes the big question of its credibility and longevity. Even if we meet someone online, will the relationship really last? This very question can raise a storm of debate. While some such as My Top Match Maker will vouch for it and have endearing success stories to share, there are many others who’ve had a negative experience from this very arrangement. So which side do we believe? What is the final conclusion?

Most relationship experts feel that online relationships have an excellent potential to last if the partners do not ‘categorize’ it as something different or ‘easy’. Like any other relationship, for online relationships too, you’ll have to put in proper efforts to make the affair last. If you truly like the other person, make it a point to meet them personally and figure out if you can actually connect with them. You can always meet someone online, but once you get into a relationship (or prior to that) try to meet them in person. Share your thoughts, visit new places together and don’t confine your relationship within a five inch screen. In a relationship, it is very important to communicate with your partner, and while an online relationship does lay the foundation of communication, it is entirely your responsibility to carry the entire thing thereafter. All you need to do is strike a balance between your online (My TopMatchmaker) and offline worlds, and you’ll soon find your online relationship sailing through every odd that comes your way.